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Host an Event

From proms and corporate dinners to baby showers and fashion shows, Blotts is a fantastic space to help you create your ideal event.


Our picturesque location provides privacy for you and your guests to enjoy the day. The neutral tones used throughout the venue provide a stunning backdrop that can be easily adapted and enhanced. With indoor and outdoor space available to hire, our onsite kitchen, temperance bars in both our function rooms and large windows overlooking the garden – you have a range of options to bring your ideas to life.


Our team appreciate your uniqueness and are on hand to assist in any way they can.

Contact us for more information



We are big supporters of business and are always looking for new and reliable options to provide clients. If you are a local, national or international third party supplier and are interested in working with us please get in contact.


Corporate Events

From award shows and special dinners to training and meeting spaces - we can tailor your package to suit your needs. 

Girls Dressed for School Dance


Exclusively yours for the evening - schools don't have to worry about one of the most anticipated evenings of the school year. 

Gift Bags

Baby Showers and Birthdays

Blotts is ideal for those special days that you want to share and the moments you want to capture

BCC Charity.jpeg

Charity Events

Our team are always willing to help local, national and international causes. Please contact us to discuss. 



From fashion shows and photo shoots to promotional and  networking events - our venue is a fantastic space to demonstrate the best of your business. 

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